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Aurora Top HELLO Tattoo Pen Machine With Rotary Removable

Material: aluminum alloy
Technology :CNC integrated carving
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Aurora Top HELLO Tattoo Pen Machine With Rotary Removable

Product parameters:
Material: aluminum alloy
Technology :CNC integrated carving
Colors :Silver ,Gray,Rose,Black
Size: 113.5mm*37.5mm
Starting voltage: 5v
Working voltage: 8-10v

upper and lower cover pen box +DC wireColor:

1. The new motor is upgraded with more stable power performance. It is upgraded from the original 10V9000 RPM to 10v11000 RPM to ensure stable power output, which can meet the tattoo artist's daily needs of making designs;
2. Body CNC integrated fine carving process, anodic oxidation to ensure a beautiful appearance, delicate color, detail workmanship is not rough, no burr, small gap between accessories, wear resistance, tattoo pen long service life;
3. Classic foreign original appearance, popular and popular structural style;
4. The new main parts are of detachable structure, with screw fixation, simple disassembly and installation, and more convenient replacement of accessories and maintenance in the future;
5. Adopt pure copper DC interface, wear resistant without deformation;Built-in plum cross disc, stable needle, long use;
6. The external positioning of the main part can adjust the steel ball, making the needle more accurate. The ka-ka-ka rotation sound is clear, durable and wear-resistant, which completely solves the problem of the traditional rubber band type rubber band easy to break;
7. The pin hole adopts standard Cheyenne size, and most of the one-body needles in the market can be used;


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