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2020 High Quality HELLO Tattoo Pen Machine with Tattoo 2 Generation Wireless Power Supply Machine Set .

Including one pcs RCA Clip Cord too
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2020 High Quality HELLO Tattoo Pen Machine with Tattoo 2 Generation Wireless Power Supply Machine Set .

Product Description :
Stroke :3.5mm

1. Material: aluminum alloy;

2. Technology: CNC integrated fine carving;

3. Charging port: android USB port;

4. Battery capacity: 1800mA (ma);                           

3. Charging time: quick charging, it can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours when there is no power;    

3. Service time: the output current is 2.0a. Under normal 8V voltage, it can work for more than 7 hours, the voltage is stable, and it can be used intermittently for about 8 hours.

4. LCD display content: working time count (hour - minute count) + two-bit output voltage + battery capacity; 

5. Motor: Coreless Motor (9V12000 RPM);

6. Process: 0-0.35mm;

7. Startup voltage: with built-in memory function, the startup voltage is the value of the last shutdown voltage;

8. Operating voltage range: 5-12v;   

Options: top half: round and square;
Second half: hollow cup motor

Net weight: Round: 209g Square: 206g
                   Gross Weight: 345g

Size: 153* (battery square 32mm, round 33mm), (handshake 31.5-32.5mm, concave and convex)

Color: black 

built-in battery, one-piece tattoo pen, the middle can be opened to replace the top half of lithium battery;

Suitable for use:
1. Android USB data cable
2. Most of the one-body pins on the market (Cheyenne standard size)



This device is a tattoo pen with built-in battery, which can be used directly without stepping or hooking.
It is composed of two parts:
1. Top half of battery power supply;
2. Bottom half of tattoo pen;
3.The middle part can be unscrewed to replace the upper half of the battery.

The specific functions are as follows:

1. Power on: long press the middle "O" button for 5 seconds to power on, and then long press for 5 seconds to power off;

2. Pause: when working normally, press the "O" button to suspend the work, and then press the "O" button again to resume the working state;

3. Adjust the voltage: adjust the voltage gear by pressing the "+" or "-" key. Adjust 0.5v for each press.

4. Battery display: it is shown on the LCD screen that when the battery is fully charged with 4 grids of electricity, it needs to be charged when the last grid of power is left;

5. Daily charging: external charging port, which can be charged with android USB cable;

6.Battery warranty: the warranty lasts for one year, and the top half of battery can be purchased separately for replacement;

Power supply parameters:

1. Input: the device is charged through USB charging port, and then lithium battery is used for storage. The built-in battery is 3 600mA/ piece, 3.7v battery;

2. Output: the output current is fixed at 2A. The battery is activated by turning on the key to release the stored electricity and power the built-in motor to start the tattoo pen.Voltage tap :(5-12v) press the "+" or "-" key to switch the voltage tap.5V is the lowest voltage and 12V is the highest voltage.

3. Power storage: charge it through the USB data cable, it can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours under the normal state of no power, and it can be charged with 4 grids of electricity. It can be normally used for more than 7 hours under the condition of 8V, with stable voltage.When the last grid of electricity is left, it needs to be charged to ensure the normal use of the following;

Advantages :

1.Easy to operate, easy to use, a pen can work, no need to foot hook power supply;

2.HD LCD display, large screen, beautiful shape;

3.enhanced battery life, working time at least 7 hours, to ensure stable output;

4.Diversified display, working time and voltage directly display, convenient and practical;

5.Handshaking part of the carved edge of the anti-slip design, long use not tired, sweat not slippery hand;

6. You can buy the top half of lithium batteries for replacement, multiple spare, emergency worry;

7. Can be equipped with RCA conversion head, using power, hook and pedal operation, a pen can be used;

8. The card is Cheyenne standard size, suitable for the majority of the market on a needle;
9. LOGO can be engraved by laser, 20 sets are free of charge, large amount can be customized in the second half of the style;

10.Output enhancement, 2.0A output, to ensure sufficient power, cutting line fog play with ease;
11. The adjustment handle is equipped with stainless steel advanced positioning ball, which provides accurate adjustment, clear sound and better use effect.


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